Surge Protection

Surge protection equipment blocks high voltage electricity from passing further through the line

Prepare for the unexpected

Although a typical power surge only lasts for a fraction of a second, it packs a punch – it can wipe out hard drives, fry circuit boards, and completely destroy appliances and electronic equipment. Power surges can be a homeowner’s nightmare, and you should take the necessary steps to prevent them.


A common belief is that plugging electronics into a power strip is an adequate method of power surge protection. But power strips don’t account for objects that are impossible to plug in such as ceiling fans, heating systems, or dimmer switches. And larger power surges can even melt the fuse in a power strip, rendering it useless.

The most reliable method to avoid damage from power surges is to install a surge protection system that includes a surge capacitor and lightning arrestor. A surge capacitor shields against smaller everyday surges, while lightning arrestors protect against high voltage surges. The two pieces of equipment work together to ensure that your home (and your belongings) is fully supplied with surge and lightning protection materials.

A house is often a family’s most expensive purchase, and it’s crucial to protect your investment. At HomeWiz, we understand the significance of a home surge protector. More importantly, our staff members are armed with the technical knowledge necessary to walk you through your options and install your surge protection system correctly. It’s tempting to take the easy route and hire your average handyman, but when it comes to your home, quality is key. When you hire HomeWiz, your home and family are in the right hands.

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