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We build deep, enduring relationships

Trust is vital – especially when a service involves going into your home – and we’ll ensure that we have yours whenever we enter your family’s home. And when you find a trustworthy company like ours, it’s important to hold onto it. Through entering our HomeWiz Membership Program, you’ll be guaranteed regular home maintenance along with a variety of benefits:

Our Membership Program

Priority Scheduling

Scheduling with HomeWiz is already easy, but we’ll make it even easier for you. As a member, you’ll be the top priority in our schedule, and we’ll work around your busy day – whether it’s a regular checkup, repair, installation, or emergency call.

Energy Savings

When a HVAC system ages without regular maintenance, the efficiency lowers – depleting your wallet without improving your home the way it should. When you’re a HomeWiz member, our regular checkups to your equipment will lead to lower utility bills and enhanced HVAC efficiency.

Peak Performance

Like changing the oil of a car, HVAC systems run best with regular home maintenance. Plus, your equipment will enjoy an extended life expectancy and peak performance. A HomeWiz membership allows our technicians to catch potential issues before they become major repairs.

Members-Only Discounts

You’ll enjoy discounts that are reserved only for our home service club:

  • 10% off installs, repairs and diagnostics
  • No dispatch fees on regular appointments and $50 off of emergency dispatch fees
  • A free annual inspection
  • $50 off emergency rates

Peace of mind

There’s a peace of mind that comes along with hiring a home maintenance company that you know is dependable. You can count on our team of expert technicians to protect your home investments and deliver quality service. As a family-owned business, we know better than anyone that your family is your priority, and we’ll make it ours, too.


Our Services

Electrical Maintenance

– Test G.F.C.I protection
– Check polarity of receptacles
– Check ground system
– Check service
– Check safety and operation
– Check for lightning and surge protection

Plumbing maintenance:

– Water heater Inspection
– Overall inspection of all safety valves & shut offs
– Test and record water & waste piping and joints
– Faucets will be checked above and below sinks
– Each toilet will be dye-tested & receive a full inspection

Heating maintenance

– Boiler / Furnace Inspection
– Overall inspection of control systems
– Check all major components for proper operation
– A nine point safety check
– Check filters
– Inspect flue

Cooling Maintenance

– Condenser Inspection
– Air Handler Inspection
– Check Freon
– Check thermostat
– Test operation

Join Now & Save Money

Smart Plan

When you’re smart, you’ll be able to choose one home maintenance option (electrical, plumbing, heating, or cooling)

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Brilliant Plan

When you’re brilliant, you’ll be able to choose two home maintenance options and save $20.

Pick a service
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Genius Plan

When you’re a genius, you’ll be able to choose three home maintenance options and save $60.

Pick a service
Pick a service
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Ultimate HomeWiz Plan

When you’re an ultimate HomeWiz, you’ll get all four services, two visits from us in the fall and spring, and savings of $120—the best value of all our packages.

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