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Home automation delegates the more mundane and inconvenient tasks involved in your managing your home to a computer that can learn your habits and your schedule, letting you relax and let the system do its work. It may seem high-tech (and it is), but it’s an increasingly viable option for the average homeowner. An automated garage door controller is an easy way to dip your toes in the pool of home automation, since it works as an extension of your current garage door opener.

Secure your home

A smart home is a safe home. It’s easy to forget to close the garage door, leaving a wide open access point for intruders to enter through. A smart garage door controller alerts you when you or another family member leaves the door open after departing the garage, and lets you close it remotely. With many systems, you can view the status of your garage door to ensure your home is safe.

Save money and energy

A garage door that’s left open wastes an enormous amount of heat and energy. With an automated garage door opener, you never have to experience that frustrating moment when you’re halfway to work and you left your garage door open to gush precious resources without anyone to enjoy it – with a few swipes on your garage door opener app, your home is sealed and secure.

Enjoy the convenience

When you can control everything from your garage door opener app, it makes life a whole lot easier. Garage door controllers can act as a simple way to remotely let people into your home, whether it’s your weekly cleaning service or your child who has returned home from school.

When you make an appointment for a garage door opener installation with HomeWiz, we can explore every option. We can often integrate your garage door opener with other home automation services, so each service works together to make your home even smarter.

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