Door Locks

Never get locked out

Home automation delegates the more mundane and inconvenient tasks involved in your managing your home to a computer that can learn your habits and your schedule, letting you relax and let the system do its work. It may seem high-tech (and it is), but it’s an increasingly viable option for the average homeowner. Automated door locks protect your home from intruders and offer the convenience of home automation.


Prevent a break-in

Door locks can prevent break-ins by alerting you via smartphone whenever it detects anyone coming in and out of you home. From urgent situations such as a home invasion to less serious issues like accidentally locking yourself out, door locks with home automation defend and protect your home with ease.

Enjoy the convenience

If you’ve ever been locked out of your home, you understand the hassle and stress that an automatic door lock can eliminate. With the swipe of a finger on your smartphone, you can lock up every door before you go to sleep, unlock the door for a home repair technician, or lock up the house if you forget to – no matter whether you’re down the block or 3000 miles away. Some door locks with home automation software even allow you to create automated schedules for to unlock and lock your door, making it easy to let in the cleaner every week, or unlock the door for your child every day after school. Other door locks can integrate with your security system, making your home even safer.

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