Code Compliance


Regulations and standards keep our homes safe. Both the National Electric Code (NEC) and the Massachusetts building code update their requirements every three years, so it can be overwhelming to keep your home up to date. Depending on your town of residence, your local authorities can change the rules even more frequently. To avoid legal issues, it’s important to ensure that your home is compliant with all of the applicable standards—especially when buying a new home, reselling or remodeling.

At HomeWiz, we’re well-versed in the code enforcement of Boston and its many surrounding areas, and can help to ensure that your home meets code. We pull a permit for every job that requires it, and always do our work legally and professionally. We can perform a code compliance inspection of your home to ensure that you’re not blindsided by an inspector. We’ve been staying up to date with codes for over 25 years, and can help to make sure that you do, too.

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