Whole House Fans


Whole house fans, often installed on the floor of an attic, are designed to cool a house down with lower energy consumption than an air conditioner. Whole house fans work best during summer nights, when the outdoor temperature has cooled to a comfortable level. To optimize performance, open a few downstairs windows and turn on the fan. The fan will pull hot air from the hallway and blow it into the attic, allowing cooler outdoor air to come through the downstairs windows.



The benefits of a whole house fan installation:

  • Cools your entire house quickly, often in less than an hour
  • Multiple settings allow you to flush air through the house quickly or at a continuous, gentle flow
  • Reduces A/C usage by 90%
  • Removes stale indoor air
  • Operates quietly
  • Lower long-term and initial cost than an air conditioner

A whole house fan isn’t right for every homeowner, but the experts at HomeWiz can help you decide whether it’s a good choice for you. Our technicians have over 25 years of experience in whole house fan installation, and we work efficiently, safely, and professionally to ensure that you have the best experience with us. We’re also highly qualified when it comes to whole house fan repair. No matter what the HVAC issue is, we’ll work in your house as though it was our family home – with diligence, respect, and skill.

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