Water Sensors and Shut Offs

Prevent disasters

Home automation delegates the more mundane and inconvenient tasks involved in your managing your home to a computer that can learn your habits and your schedule, letting you relax and let the system do its work. It may seem high-tech (and it is), but it’s an increasingly viable option for the average homeowner. Installing water sensor alarms is a smart move for any homeowner looking to avoid a costly disaster.

Prevent an emergency

When it comes to emergencies, early detection is crucial. Water sensor alarms prevent damage by alerting you via smartphone whenever it detects water in your home. From urgent situations such as a burst pipe to issues that creep up like a slow leak, a water sensor alarm can help you to sidestep expensive repairs.

Enjoy the convenience

Water cops take prevention a step further by giving you the control to shut off your water with the swipe of your finger on your smartphone. With water cops, avoid the headache of rushing home to a flooded basement or leaking appliance. A water cop can allow you to sit back and relax until a technician arrives.

When it comes to home automation services, the benefits are extensive and so are the savings. Make the right choice for your home and your family, and consider a smart home.

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