A smart thermostat integrates with WiFi and your smartphone device in order to control your heating system remotely. Like a programmable thermostat, a smart thermostat gives you the option to set up scheduled temperature changes. However, it also takes that capability a step further by allowing you to make changes from anywhere at any time. Discover the benefits of a smart wireless thermostat installation:



Smart thermostats integrate with a smartphone app that makes it easy to manage your home’s temperature with the tap of the screen. Smart thermostats can be particularly helpful when you’re on vacation, at work, or even lazily lounging on your couch. If you’ve ever come home to a chilly or sweltering house, you can understand the benefits of adjusting the temperature from the road. Smart thermostats can also prevent frozen pipes or overheating. Some systems like the Nest thermostat’s home automation are equipped with machine learning technology, which means that it gets to know you and your habits, and sets to the most comfortable temperature depending on your schedule. For ultimate convenience, smart thermostats like Emerson Sensi can integrate with devices such as Amazon Alexa to control your home’s temperature using only your voice commands.

Information in the palm of your hand

Smart thermostats can provide information such as external temperature, the length of time your HVAC system has been running, and how much you’ve been spending each month. A smart thermostat can notify you when your air filter needs replacement, which makes maintenance easy and can prevent major repairs.

Save money and energy

With a smart thermostat, you can save up to $180 per year on heating and cooling. A smart thermostat can eliminate the unnecessary energy that is expended when you forget to turn off your thermostat as you leave for the day. Some smart thermostats even use geotracking technology to turn on your heating or cooling when your phone is in a particular radius of your home. If those savings don’t entice you enough, you can also receive a $100 rebate for your smart thermostat through Mass Save.

Common wire compatibility 

A smart thermostat installation can vastly range in complexity, which is why it’s important to enlist the help of an HVAC specialist. For example, some smart thermostats require a common wire, or c wire. And contrary to its name, a common wire isn’t necessarily common – especially in New England, where turn-of-the-century homes have antiquated wiring systems.

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