Thermostats and Zones


At HomeWiz, we stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends and technologies in heating and cooling. We recommend two major ways to stay comfortable in your home: properly zone out your home and invest in programmable thermostats. Our technicians specialize in both, and can help you to find the best methods to maximize comfort and minimize cost.


Is there a particular room in your home that always seems too cold or insufferably hot? Do you spend time in a certain area of the house and hate to see energy go to waste? Multi zone heating control systems divide your home into sections so you can expend heat and energy where it actually matters. Same goes for cooling. Creating even a two zone heating system, for example, can save you a significant amount on energy bills and decrease the wear and tear on your system.


Today’s thermostats are nothing like the antiques of yesteryear – with them, you can set schedules and even control the temperature from your phone. Programmable thermostats allow you to personalize your indoor climate to remain as comfortable as possible. You can also set specific schedules, depending on your work and home life, to decrease energy bills and provide ultimate convenience. While they’re simple to use, they’re not simple to install. Fortunately, HomeWiz specializes in thermostat installation and thermostat replacement – we have the skills and expertise to understand what you’re looking for and act accordingly. You can trust our technicians to arrive on time, in uniform, and with a professional attitude that will leave you and your home satisfied.

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