Energy Meters

Find out what you're paying for

Energy meters for your home provide deep insight into your energy usage and give you an overview that you won’t get from your electric company.


Uncover costs

Do you really know what your energy bill covers? Most homeowners don’t, but energy meters can provide deep insight into your energy usage. Instead of investing total trust in your power company, take control of your finances and your energy usage with analytics, reports, and breakdowns. Some energy usage meters will even send weekly personalized emails so you can track progress against your energy budget and discover usage trends in your home.

Reduce energy

Smart energy meters can send you notifications to track usage when you’re away or alert you of energy saving tips. With energy usage meters, you can easily pinpoint energy hogs and act accordingly. For example, if you have a rarely-used refrigerator in your basement that’s using too much energy, you can consider getting rid of it completely or unplugging it when there are no perishables in it.

When you make an appointment for an energy meter installation with HomeWiz, we can explore every option. Our technicians are experienced with all home automation devices, and we’ll install and repair with ease and professionalism.

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