Attic Fans


An attic fan can cool down a hot attic by bringing cooler outdoor air from vents to expel hot air to the outside. By decreasing the attic temperature, attic fans will subsequently decrease the temperature of your entire house, as well. Attic fans work in tandem with whole house fans to create a comfortable atmosphere in your home.

There are many benefits to attic fans installation, but perhaps the greatest is the cost savings. An attic gable fan will require your air conditioning system to do less work and therefore operate at a lower cost. It will do much of the work of an A/C system—during the hottest summer days, your attic fan can lower the attic by 50 degrees, which translates to a 10 degree reduction in the living area. Attic fans can also reduce troublesome moisture in your attic that can lead to roof damage.

The experts at HomeWiz can help you decide whether an attic fan is a good choice for you. With over 25 years of experience, HomeWiz technicians are certified installers for two of the largest fan companies, Tamarac and Airscape. We’ll work in your house as though it was our family home – with diligence, respect, and skill.

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