AC Maintenance


Just as you wouldn’t drive your car for years without changing its oil, don’t let your air conditioning system sit unmaintained. As an air conditioning system runs, it accumulates dust and dirt that diminish its efficiency. In fact, an air conditioning system can lose 5% of its efficiency each year due to this buildup if you don’t invest in A/C maintenance services. In the heat of the summer, you’ll need every bit of cooling efficiency that you can get, which is why it’s important to hire a cooling technician –ideally in the spring—to prepare your cooling system for the sweltering months ahead.

Air conditioning preventative maintenance provides a slew of benefits and essentially ensures that your system runs at peak performance. It can also extend your A/C system’s lifespan, lower your energy bill, and allow technicians to catch minor issues before they turn into major repairs.

A technician should tune up your A/C system every year – so why not entrust a single company that can get to know your home inside and out? There’s a peace of mind that comes along with hiring a home maintenance company that you know is dependable. You can count on our team of expert technicians to protect your home investments and deliver quality service—and best of all, you’ll save money when you purchase a HomeWiz membership.

As a family-owned business, we know better than anyone that your family is your priority, and we’ll make it ours, too. Our A/C maintenance service plan covers all of the bases:

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